Medicare Advantage Plans, is it a must buy?


Medicare advantage insurance is known as the Medigap insurance as well. This is referred to as the Medigap as it covers the gaps in the benefits of Medicare that are the services that are uncovered by Medicare Original and it includes the deductibles and copayments. The traditional Medicare does not cover all the charges, it pays a portion of the medical expenses, so there is a need for Medigap or Medicare advantage plans to cover the services uncovered by Medicare, copayments, deductibles, and excess charges that the doctors are to be paid.



Medicare advantage plans refer to the advantage insurance that is a private health insurance. This can be purchased by a Medicare beneficiary. The state and Federal law regulates the policies of Medicare Advantage. Only a Medigap policy or a Medicare Advantage policy helps in filling the gaps in the Medicare benefits. There may be other insurance types assisting in paying the costs as out-of-wallet and it is paid for health care cost, but is not regarded as Medicare advantage insurance. For instance, an employer health retirement plan may be used to pay for vision, prescriptions, and dental services, but it does not pay for copayments and Medicare deductibles.


Must buy?

Now as it is not a genuine Medicare Advantage policy though it coordinates the Medicare benefits, you may have a query as if you need to buy Medicare advantage plans policy? The solution to your query is based on one fact, that is if you are sure you have sufficient income and assets to cover all the medical costs that are uncovered by Medicare including the copayments, deductibles or the non-covered services. If you do not wish to risk, you may explore other options to Medicare advantageing, but otherwise, the answer is a sure Yes to buy Medicare advantage plans policy.

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Standard Coverage Medicare Advantage

The Medicare Advantage Plans are labelled with letters A to J. The basic benefit package is Plan A and Plan J is the comprehensive benefit package. There are ten standardized plans and the benefits will be similar, regardless of the company you are buying from or the company selling to you the policy. This means buying Plan D from one company is similar to Plan D from the other. As the Medicare advantage policies are standardized, you can shop freely from any of the company offering the best customer service and price.


Thus, though the benefits for each standard plan are the same, the premiums may vary greatly. Thus, prior to purchasing an insurance advantage policy, determine how its premiums are calculated.